About us

Hornet Properties LLC is a real estate development company that was founded in 2005, Hornet Properties has become synonymous with the development of ultra-high commercial, residential, retail, hospitality and mixed-use properties, making it the premier quality homes developer in emerging property market. With the housing development industry in Middle East and Asia/Pacific region continuing to record increased growth from the current demand of 2,000,000 housing units per year, Hornet Properties has destined to go beyond providing homes, but developing luxury living. In a span of five years, we have risen to be the most acclaimed developer, boosted by our non-compromising use of cutting edge technology, high quality construction materials, skilled professionals, and a passion to open up elite property ownership across Gulf and Asia/Pacific.

Our tremendous growth in the emerging property industry has been steered by the company's exclusive allegiance to customer-satisfaction. With our current target focusing on the elite property market, our value proposition pillars remain firmly founded in ensuring that our homes are the embodiment of sophistication, authenticity and excellence. Subsequently, we are dedicated to offering the most innovative, ultra high solutions for both local and foreign investors looking to invest in the vast real estate sector in Gulf and Asia/Pacific region.

Our Mission

Hornet Properties LLC is dedicated to provision of ultra-high, innovative, and cost-friendly solutions for real estate investors in the Gulf and Asia.

Our Vision

To become the revolutionary developer of ultra-high luxury homes while ensuring that our quality high-end homes are not just a pipe dream but an affordable reality.

Our Core Values & Philosophy

  • + Offering our customers unparalleled, satisfying luxury home solutions.
  • + Accountability, ethics, authenticity, on-time delivery and top-notch quality.
  • + Dignified treatment of our workforce, partners and investors.